Beyond Basil.. The Summer Squash Debut.

Giant Summer Squash

Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head...

Squash, Parmesean, Garlic & Olive Oil. Divine!

Squash, Parmesean, Garlic & Olive Oil. Divine!

Initially upon discovering this giant yellow squash in our garden, we were delighted in thinking that we had grown the biggest and best squash the world has ever seen. Doug exclaimed that it was so much bigger than any we had ever seen in stores, and then it occurred to me, perhaps there’s a reason why they are all the same size in stores? After all, they are genetically engineering fruits & veggies to be bigger and better all time, and yet we easily grew a giant squash without any prior gardening experience? It was too good to be true.

“Maybe there’s a reason they pick them before they get this big?” I asked. “Maybe we should look up when we are supposed to harvest these things.”

I proceeded to jump onto Google and find out.  [insert sad trombone here]

Come to find out, you want to avoid letting a summer squash get too large. “A large squash can become very seedy and gain a mealy, undesirable taste.” Ahh.. right. Well now that we have this giant un-delicious squash, what do we do with it? The internet to the rescue. Actually on the very same page that told me I should have picked this squash a week ago, it also linked to a recipe for an overgrown squash, or squarsh as we like to call it.

It wasn’t half bad actually, and we reallly enjoyed it. However, Doug improvised (of course) a little by adding paprika, adding a bit more garlic, and using Chipotle Olive Oil. He also used mozzarella in addition to parmesan cheese.

This week we enjoyed a similar recipe that Doug cooked up on his own. I think it turned out to be outstanding and far better than the first. Granted the squash wasn’t as overgrown this time, but any size of squash you’ve got will do. Just add the magic sauce, and voila!

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2 thoughts on “Beyond Basil.. The Summer Squash Debut.

  1. Laura says:

    Kendall, this reminded me of when I was a kid. We had a huge garden and would take produce out to Grand River to sell from the back of our truck. We had zucchini and summer squash that were as big as watermelons. People from the “city” couldn’t get enough of them. And yes, they were awful. Dry and woody. They sure looked cool though.

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