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In American culture, pancakes are a common tradition among families, churches, and pretty much any organization looking to attract kids. (Remember Breakfast with Santa?) And as good as pancakes are, it’s funny to me that crêpes, their delectable cousin, are so uncommon. After all, they’re just a tad thinner, and a tad more delicious. Perhaps people are intimidated by them because they seem harder to make? Or is it because they’re French and we can barely pronounce them? Maybe if we called them “Freedom Cakes” they would gain notoriety. 😉

All kidding aside, crêpes are really are easy to make, and you can do it at home. A good pan is really important to the process, and we’ve found that our cast iron skillet does a bang-up job!

Breakfast scramble crepe with lemon caper sauce & berries

We call this the Breakfast Scramble Crêpe. Add scrambled egg, ham, mozzarella, & a touch of fancy homemade lemon caper sauce & berries on the side.

Be sure that your skillet is nice and hot when you begin, and don’t be afraid to sacrifice a bit of batter for the first trial crêpe that soaks up any residual flavor on your conditioned skillet. Grease the skillet with a dab of butter so your crêpes won’t stick.

The trick is to pour just enough batter into the pan to cover the bottom. Then use the flat bottom of a measuring cup to smooth the batter out and around the pan. Once it has cooked through enough to flip, give it a toss and cook the other side just for a minute or two. Pop it out of the pan and add your favorite toppings. Remember, crêpes can be sweet or savory, so go wild!

Berries & Nutella Crepe

Nutella and berries make a simply divine treat!

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Make banana pancakes, pretend like it’s the weekend

Anyone who’s a Jack Johnson fan will appreciate this post, because his song, “Banana Pancakes” is exactly what inspired us to make these pancakes once upon a time. The original recipe didn’t include walnuts though, but we found that they add a certain delightful crunchiness, and the fruit topping is far better than syrup could ever hope to be!

(Note: The Berries and Cherries topping comes from Cherry Republic, but we also made these with blackberry jam and fresh sliced strawberries on top, which were equally amazing!)

To make delicious pancakes, you have to start with delicious ingredients.

To make delicious pancakes, you have to start with delicious ingredients.

Walnut, spice pancake batter

Mix crushed walnuts and all-spice into the pancake batter

Rather than mixing banana into the batter, fry up banana slices in coconut oil

Rather than mixing mushed bananas straight into the batter, fry up banana slices in coconut oil, then sprinkle the slices with cinnamon or all-spice. Flip em!

Pour the pancake batter on the frying banana slices

Pour the pancake batter on the sizzling banana slices and cook as you normally would. Feel free to throw in a few blueberries too!

Then top the pancakes with berry-cherry topping from Cherry Republic!

Then top the pancakes with "Berries & Cherries Fruit Topping" from Cherry Republic! All photos snapped with an iPhone 4

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